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How to make money online from home

You might always be wondering how to earn real cash online, by these top 15 ways to make money online you will get to know everything you need to start earning online quickly and risk-free.

Earn from paid to click (PTC)

The advertisement is one of the biggest industry on the globe today and PTC sites are working to serve people across the globe to make money online from home for over 15 years. Thousands of clients all over the world reach these sites to show their advertisements to millions of subscriber who have already subscribed to these sites and earning money by just clicking ads and doing simple stuff.
paid to click websites to make real cash on internet

The user easily makes $0.001 to $0.01 for one advertisement click, apart from clicks you will also get videos, surveys, various offers, emails and much other different stuff to help u make some extra bucks for your pocket. The payouts are made via PayPal, web money, payaza and much more.

Top 3 PTC websites are

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Captcha writing

Megatypers is one of the fastest and renowned web platforms to earn money from home quickly and securely. I personally think that there is no other way to make money online so quickly and without any hardcore beginning efforts as we can make on this website.
write captcha to make money online

The user can easily make about $0.50-$1.50 or Rs35 to Rs100 per hour if you have a good typing speed of more than 35 words per minute and the server is also responding with a good quantity of images/captchas. On this website, there is no limit on how much you work and it is completely your free will that when and how much you want to work and make real cash online.

The work rates on mega typers change every hour according to the server time which is based on GMT (-4)Payments are made every Tuesday if the user reaches the minimum payout balance of $3 till Monday night. We can have our payouts via PayPal, web money, western union (minimum $100 payout), Payaza, perfect money, and bitcoin. Check out guidelines for mega typers for more details.

You will need an invitation code to sign up

Another good option in captcha writing is

Testing sites and mobile apps

Get paid easily by testing internet sites and mobile application. Testing has always been a huge market in which you can dive in and can also opt it as a permanent career. However, to do website testing at home first you need to be an internet savvy who knows all the basics of user interaction to the user interface of the websites, fluent English speaking skills, a computer with fast broadband connection and last but not the least a good quality microphone.

The user can easily make $10-$20 or Rs650-Rs1300 from one website/app test. Payouts are directly made through PayPal and then direct to your bank accounts.  Most popular testing sites are User-testing.  Checkout for more with the list of testing websites and mobile apps below.
test website and mobile applications to generate money online

Top 3 website and app testing platforms are:

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Write articles for Article websites

If you have a writer inside you screaming to come out then it is time to take it out. Article writing jobs are very popular in today’s time to earn a decent amount of money. There are various popular websites which may pay you from $50 to $200 for submitting one article which could be funny, serious or anything which matches the category of the website and can generate good traffic to their websites.
write articles and make cash onlineThe articles you would write for these websites can vary from site to site but usually, it should be of 500 to 1500 words. There are five things which you should take into consideration before starting writing articles.

  1. Target the reader.
  2. The article should be an attention seeker.
  3. Should be easy to read.
  4. Should be interesting.
  5. Give the best ending to the article.

Top 3 sites that pay you for writing content

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Make money with your smartphone

From last 5-10 years smartphone market has evolved at very great pace and so is the options to earn money with your smartphone.There are a number of websites that pays you for doing a simple task like watching videos, downloading apps, taking a survey, clicking advertisements and much more.
make money with your smartoneOn these applications, the user can easily make $1 to $20 for each assignment and $0.01to $0.1 for each change or app you download. There are various options for making money with a smartphone, one app pays you for doing workouts some pay you for doing micro tasks and some pay you for just checking out advertisements on you lock screen.

Top 3 apps for making money with smartphone are

  • Pact (Get paid for doing gym workouts)
  • Locket (Get paid to check out advertisements every time you unlock you phone)
  • Mintcoin

Check out the list of top apps to earn money with your smartphone for more apps.

Sell your clicks online

If you are a photographer or even you like to click photographs of great scenic beauty, cars, buildings, something bizarre or anything that people can like then this is the job for you.Sell your clicks online to make fast cashThis is the only profession in which user can earn hundred or even thousands of dollars with a single click. However, that also depends on the quality of the picture and what you are capturing. If you have a DSLR camera of good quality that can work as a good luck charm for you.

Top 3 websites to sell your photos online are

List of top 15 sites to sell your photos online for more.

Trade and Flip domains
Trade and flip domains to make lots of cash
Another good option to shine your luck is domain buying and selling. All you need to do is think something extraordinary which can be a company name or any word from the dictionary. Trading domains have been very rewarding from a long time. I give you some examples, in 2010 acquired by from American Farm Bureau Federation at a price of $8.5 million, in 1999 gone for $7.5 million, for $7.7 million and for $35 million. So start thinking, park a domain and you could be a millionaire someday by trading domains.

Top 3 trusted websites for domain buying selling

Trade in stock market

Stock markets are an excellent option for earning quick money. The user can easily buy sell shares online through broker software in a fraction of seconds. There are many share broking companies who provide you with software or web interface to trade in shares online with the help of which user can trade in various stock markets without any hassle.invest in stockmarket to double your investment

Remember stock exchange has made many poor people millionaires and many millionaires poor. So if you are interested in share trading my advice to you is playing calm and smart.

Top 3 stock brokers in India

Sell you old stuff online

sell your old stuff online to make quick money
If you are a materialistic person who loves to collect things and stuff which are unused from a long time then it’s time to get rid of those to make quick money by selling it online. Selling your old stuff online gives you the chance to reach a very high number of customers who are ready to buy on the same day and which can result in profit to your pockets.

Top 3 websites to sell old stuff online are

Sell your music Online

sell your music online to make real cash onlineIf you are a music composer you can sell your music online as selling, sharing, and promoting your music online has never been easier or cheaper. Selling music online opens doors to success for beginners as on these sites you have millions of viewers and maybe you get in the eyes of some great music composers or music directors which can help you to grow.

Top 3 websites for selling music are-

list of top sites to  sell your music online

Bring in new customers

bring new customers with online classified site and increase your profitsIf you are running a business and want more clients for your business, then we can give free classified ads on various websites to attract new customers and increase your profits. There are a number of websites which allow you to post your advertisements online for free which allows you to attract more business. Top 3 websites for free classified ad posting are

List of 40 free classified websites for free advertisement posting

Be a freelancer

You can become a freelancer by profession and can make tons of money. Freelancing means a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer for a long time. There are a number of options you can choose from like web development, mobile app development, system analyst, the Database administrator (DBA), SEO, Cyber Security or any other option you like the most. There are many freelancers in India and worldwide who are already working as a freelancer.

Top 3 Websites for freelancers are

List of top 20 freelancing websites for more.

Take Surveys to make cash 

take suveys to make real cash online
Taking surveys is one of the simplest methods to earn money online in no time. Survey jobs are very basic jobs in which you are asked simple questions about your daily life, consumer review.  For example, an automobile company need some feedback by people for their products and may ask about what kind of engine you prefer, what is your daily car run etc. one survey can be 1 min to 30min, more time means more money.

Top websites to take surveys are

Upload videos

make videos for youtube and earn money
These days everybody has a cell phone and most of them are with cameras we can utilize that and can make some awesome videos for the web. If you are a frequent buyer of goods and services you can review them and post it on various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, and Metcafe. If the user gets hit with a viral video you can make cash in some big amounts. Mostly these video sharing sites work on simple revenue method known as PPV (Pay Per View) the more visitor you will get the more money you will generate.

Become an online seller

Selling and buying products online is the latest and growing fashion. Be a part of this billion dollars industry and fill your pockets with lots of money by selling stuff online as it’s one of the easiest ways to make money online in India. To start selling your products you need three conventional things Vat no, Pan no and ID card. If you have all these documents you can start selling now on these top e-commerce brands Flipkart, amazon, eBay, and snap deal.

Start selling now on  AmazonEbaySnapdeal and Flipkart