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 Top 5 sites to sell your music online


Cdbaby was started in 1997 and now has about 2.2 million customers worldwide. Till now the website have paid around $160 millions to the artists. The website also features your music on top brands like itunes, amazon mp3,, facebook, spotify and many more popular websites.

sell your music online on cdbabayTunecore

Tunecore is a marketplace for the distribution of videos and digital music. On this web site you can earn royality of 100 percent on every sale.



sell music on tunecore


Wix music

Wix music allows you to sell your music 100 percent commission free directly from your website. The site allows to distribute your tunes to top online stores and streaming services like iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Rdio and more.everything you need to promote and sell your music



Sellfy allows you to sell your music directly to the consumers. The website charges you with only 5 percent of the total sale price as commission.


Record Union

With recordunion you can submit your music to all the major digital services like spotify itunes apple music google play and many more. Per standard you will receive 85% of your royalties after the music stores have taken their cut.



Reverbnation lets you keep 100 percent of your rights and royalities.with this site you can submit your music to top music distribution brands like itunes , amazon music, deezer, spotify and many more.



Some more websites to sell music online




Some websites to promote your music online