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Top apps to earn money with your smartphone

Make Money with your smartphone


Swagbucks is an online website which has both android and I phone app available for people who wish to make money with their mobile phones. Swagbucks reward their customer with a special way called SB points which can be achieved by doing simple tasks like surfing the web, using their toolbar, answering questions, completing offers, and even watching videos. The SB points can also be exchanged for gift cards from Starbucks, PayPal, Amazon, Target, and Walmart.

Note- only available for Ireland, US, UK, Canada and Australia.
1)Android app 2) Ios app


Checkpoint is another platform available on both android and iPhone smartphone markets. The apps pay their customers to watch videos, surveys, completing offers and searching the web. The payouts can be taken as a gift for amazon and Walmart.

Note- only for US
  Ios App

Easy shift

Easy shift is only available for iPhone users. Its a micro-task application by which you can make money by completing shifts. These micro jobs could be clicking on a photograph, checking products if they are online or not etc. Shifts can pay you about $2-$20 and you can redeem it via PayPal.

Note- only for US

1)Android App 2) Ios App

Field agent

Field agent is another micro task web site which can pay you about $3 to $12 for one task you do. payments are made through PayPal. The mobile application of field agent is only available for iPhone users.

Note- only for US

 1)Android App 2) Ios App

Gig walk

Gigwalk is available to both android and iPhone customers. Gigwalk pays you for doing a simple task such as watching videos, taking surveys and downloading free apps.

 1)Android App 2) IosApp


Gym-pact is an application one of its kind as in this app you are paid for doing workouts. The application pays you every day if you do workouts and if you miss even one single day then they would deduct a predefined amount. You will be paid $0.30 to $0.40 per workout and once you reach the minimum payout balance of $5 you can redeem it through PayPal.

 1)Android App 2) Ios App


Locket is available only for android smartphones. Locket shows you advertisements on your home screen and when you swipe those advertisement the app pays you. The more you will lock and unlock the more money you ll get. Payments are done via PayPal once minimum payout i.e $10 is reached.


Mint coin

In “Mint Coins”, you get paid for completing simple tasks such as downloading a free app, watching a video advertisement, completing a survey etc. The minimum payout is $1 and can be taken via PayPal.
survey etc.

Android App

Earn money –Highest paying app

Earn money-highest paying app is the name of the website which allows the user to make quick money with there smartphones by doing a very simple task like playing games, visiting websites, downloading apps. Payouts are done are done quickly via PayPal.

 Android App

Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter provides Free Gift Cards and Mobile Airtime.If you’re in the United States, you can get these gift cards from great brands like Amazon, Domino’s, Dell Computers and much more. Outside the United States, you can cash out your “Meter Points” for direct Mobile Airtime on your phone

 Android App