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Top 10 websites for testing websites and mobile apps

Make money for giving feedback on , prototypes, concepts testing websites and mobile apps.

User Testing

Usertesting is one of the top website for testers. The site pays around $10 to $15 for one complete test that consist of 20 minitues of your time. Before starting on usertesting you must get your profile approved by the editors of the site which can take upto 7 days.The payments are made via paypal.


Like usertesting this site also has 20 min of work for you and in return you will get 8 £ or $12 aprrox. On this website the payments are made every month on 25th via paypal.

You Eye

Youreye offers a various of task to there customers to make money like testing apps, adding products to you cart etc. To work for the site you must do a case study and send it to the authors of the site.


Trymyui offer its users with $10 for 15-20 minutes of work .If you want to work for this site then you have to signup and then get verified by the editors of the site. The site give projects to you via emails. The payments are done through paypal every two weeks.The site has some big brands in its client list like NBC, Bose, etc.


The concept of this is also the same as some above ,you have to sign up and get verified. Once you are verified by the editors you will be getting work through emails. The site pays you around $10 to share your experience with sites they offer to check.


Some more websites for website testing


Feedback Army (sign up through amazon mechanical turk)

Uxline(only spanish )